Food Processing

These companies represent a major employment sector in the State and in the Greater Jackson area.

With over 254 food processing companies in the state, 50 of those are located in this region. Mississippi is the largest catfish producing state in the country, representing one-third of the nation’s total production. The state also grows a significant amount of rice soybeans, as well as poultry, all of which provide important raw materials to the food processing industry.

Food Processing Companies

The food processing industry is a significant contributor to the economy of Mississippi. According to the JobsEQ, the food processing industry in the state employed over 23,000 workers in 2022Q3 and generated over $1.9 billion in economic activity in 2021. The state is home to a diverse range of food processing companies, from small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations.

The state also has a strong presence in the cotton, processed meat, and soybean industry. Mississippi also has a growing presence in the seafood processing industry, with several seafood processing plants located along the Gulf Coast.

The state’s food processing industry is supported by a strong transportation infrastructure, including the Port of Gulfport, which handles a variety of food-related cargo including frozen poultry, and the Mississippi River, which provides access to the Midwest and other regions of the country. The state also has a strong agricultural sector, with a diverse range of crops grown in the state, providing a steady supply of raw materials for the food processing industry.

Overall, the food processing industry is a vital part of Mississippi’s economy, providing jobs and economic activity in the state. The state’s strong presence in the poultry and cotton industries, as well as its growing seafood processing industry, make it a major player in the national food processing industry. The state’s strong transportation infrastructure and agricultural sector, as well as its support for innovation, help make it an attractive location for food processing companies.