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The Greater Jackson metropolitan statistical area is strategically located between Atlanta and Dallas and Memphis and New Orleans, offering an important transportation and logistics advantage to companies in the area. Home to the state’s largest labor shed, businesses have a sustainable pipeline to our skilled and productive workforce.

Navigate through our precise maps and data, offering a professional insight into the Greater Jackson Alliance territory. These tools are crafted for investors and businesses, showcasing the strategic potential of our region.
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Cost of Living

Within a 60 mile radius the Greater Jackson Area has a population of 780,000 and a labor force of 400,000.

The Greater Jackson region has an unemployment rate of 4.8%.

Mississippi is a Right-to-Work state, which permits individual workers to choose whether or not they wish to join a labor union.

Mississippi was ranked 6th for the lowest unionization rates in the U.S.

Greater Jackson has 8 colleges/universities and 3 community colleges, with a total of approximately 6000 graduates per year.

This region has a hidden workforce of approximately 205,000 residents, consisting of the under-employed, the not-employed who want to work, residents working part-time but wanting full-time employment, and recent college graduates.

Foreign Trade Zone

A Foreign-Trade Zone is a port designated by the government for duty-free entry of any non-prohibited good. Goods can be imported without having to go through formal customs entry procedures or paying imported duties. Duties are imposed only when goods pass from the Foreign-Trade Zone into the country.

GJA has access to Foreign Trade Zones through the Jackson-Evers International Airport.

FTZ Number: 158 Vicksburg/Jackson
Operator: Jackson Municipal Airport Authority
Address: P.O. Box 98109, Jackson, MS 39298-8109
Contact: Dirk Vanderleest (601) 939-5631 x200
Grantee: Vicksburg/Jackson Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc.