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Discounted plans do not have to mean discounted benefits. Our plans offer the same value you will find on standard UHC plans. The difference is, our plans save you money right out the gate!

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What makes level funded plans so unique is the opportunity to share in the success of a healthy year. Insurance carriers anticipate a certain amount of claims each year. Typically, if a company has a good year with low claims, then the carrier is able to keep that extra money. Level Funded plans give companies an opportunity to be rewarded for a healthy year and put that unused portion back in their pockets.


Our partnership with United Healthcare gives you access to some of the top programs in the nation. You will have access to 24/7 virtual visits, weight loss programs, benefit advocacy, UHC Rewards – giving you $$ for completing goals and activities, and more!


We have answers.
  • What's the real benefit of Level Funded health plans?

    Level Funded plans provide additional protection from large catastrophic medical claims with a stop loss insurance policy. You won’t have to pay more for medical and pharmacy claims throughout the year or at the end of your plan year, even if you have high claims costs.

    Your costs don’t change month to month. Level Funded plans lock in a fixed monthly payment for the plan year, regardless of your actual plan participant medical and pharmacy claims.

    If the covered medical and pharmacy claims are lower than expected, your plan shares the savings with a potential surplus refund at the end of the year. And if the covered claims are higher than expected, your stop loss insurance policy covers them.

  • How does a Level Funded plan work?

    Leve Funded is a type of self-funded health plan. Your fixed monthly payment goes toward three things:

    1. Your self-funded medical plan, which pays covered medical expenses of your covered plan participants and their eligible dependents. When your plan participants go to the doctor, their eligible medical claims are paid straight from the money that was set aside. If the money that goes in during the year is more than what comes out, your health plan may get a surplus refund after you renew your plan.  If your plan participants have low medical and pharmacy claims, that refund could be substantial.
    2. Administrative services including participant onboarding, customer service,  billing, claims processing and other administrative services, all done for you.
    3. A stop loss insurance policy that protects your business if medical claims are higher than expected. It helps the plan limit risk by absorbing losses due to large catastrophic medical claims by a covered individual, and includes a cap on the overall medical claims payment risk.
  • What if one of my plan participants gets really sick or hurt?

    Every month when you make your payment, part of it goes toward stop loss insurance. This provides coverage for unexpected high medical and pharmacy claims, so there’s no need to worry.

  • Are wellness programs available?

    Yes. And because they’re designed to help your plan participants get healthier, they may help lower medical claims and provide more savings for everyone.

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