Mississippi has abundant, dependable and reasonably priced electric power. Some of the major electric suppliers are Entergy Mississippi (Entergy Corporation), Mississippi Power Company (Southern Company), and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Numerous private electric power association cooperatives and several municipal systems also serve the state. The Electric Power Associations is a 26 member-owned not-for-profit group that represents the rural electric cooperatives in Mississippi.

To support Mississippi’s economic development efforts, electric suppliers offer incentive electricity pricing to new manufacturing industries and to existing manufacturing industries that make significant expansions.



There are numerous telecommunication providers in the region that can provide your company with reliable internet and phone services.

Interexchange Carriers Internet/Broadband
AT&T Communications of the South AT&T Communications of the South
Verizon Business xfinity
Birch Telecom of the South Verizon Business
xfinity Earthlink
Telepak Networks Integrity Online
XFoneUSA, Inc.


Natural Gas

There are 12 private distribution natural gas companies, 6 private direct sales natural gas companies, and 48 municipal natural gas systems serving Mississippi. Thirteen interstate pipeline companies, most with open access transportation, and four major gas storage facilities supply Mississippi distributors through 11,000 miles of interstate and intrastate natural gas and crude oil transmission pipelines. This means that nearly all communities in the state can provide natural gas for industrial use.


Water & Wastewater

The State of Mississippi is blessed with an abundance of drinking water that is readily available. The state’s more than 1,600 public water systems provide clean, safe drinking water for more than two million Mississippians.

The Mississippi State Department of Health, through its Division of Water Supply, is the regulatory agency for the state’s public water systems. The Mississippi Drinking Water Program serves as a model to the nation for its cooperative efforts with water systems aimed at providing water that meets all Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Act Standards.

Wastewater permitting activities are handled by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Industries wishing to discharge to waters of the state must obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) wastewater permit from the state. Because of the abundant surface water in Mississippi, there are many locations for discharge.